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Painting Intersections to Slow Drivers Down

Creative Crosswalks tackles reckless driving in the hillside with ground murals.

DULUTH, Minn.- Kids armed with paint brushes are combatting reckless driving at busy intersections throughout Duluth. Zeitgeist’s Creative Crosswalks program allows families and other community members to paint a Hillside intersection which has received many speeding complaints. On Sunday they took on East 6th street and 15th Avenue East, the second of four crosswalks on their list. According to parents…

Bringing Missing Indigenous Women Home, Through Art

AICHO Exhibit Raises Awareness of MMIW

DULUTH, Minn.-¬†The number of missing or murdered indigenous women is hard to pinpoint, as many cases go unreported. Friday, an exhibit at AICHO focused not on the statistics, but on bringing the stories of these women home. The Bring Her Home exhibit started last year in Minneapolis, and is now ending its tour in Duluth. The exhibit features artwork which,¬†AICHO…

AICHO Indigenous Youth Photos Make Up 2019 Calendar

New Calendar Features Photos Taken by Indigenous Youth

DULUTH, Minn.-The American Indian Community Housing Organization or AICHO is releasing their 2019 calendar, with creations from some unlikely artists. Much of the calendar is made up of photos taken by kids from “In Progress,” a program for indigenous youth from the Twin Cities. Over the last year, the children were given access to high end cameras and took pictures…