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Superior Ice Cream Maker Expanding

Love Creamery Will be Opening Storefront in Lincoln Park This Summer

SUPERIOR, Wis.-You will soon have a new spot to get your sweet tooth fix. This summer Love Creamery in the Superior incubator, will be opening a brick and mortar shop in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Duluth. Owner Nicole Wilde said she is excited about this new venture which will allow her to offer even more ice cream. She said…

Ore Shipments Way Up in Minnesota

Ore Shipments Up 770 Percent in Third Quarter

ST. PAUL, Minn.-Ore Exports have shot way up in the third quarter of 2017 in Minnesota. According to the Department of Employment and Economic Development, they are up 770 percent which is equivalent to $135 million. The main reason for the increase is renewed interest from the markets in Canada and Japan. Overall exports of all products in the state…

Duluth Pack Remodel is Finished

Has More Modern Look

DULUTH, Minn.-The remodel at Duluth Pack is over. After a seven-week process, the downstairs of the store has a new look with more of a cabin-theme. It’s all part of their goal of making the store look more modern. “A lot of people were attached to the feel of the old store, so we wanted to keep that same outdoorsy-woodsy…