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Shoveling and Slipping Safety Tips from Essentia Health

How to shovel without hurting your back, avoid slipping.

SUPERIOR, Wis.-┬áMore snow on the way means more shoveling for Northlanders. But there is potential danger when clearing snow. Emergency rooms see plenty of patients every winter who’ve been hurt while shoveling. While many of us don’t think twice about it, shoveling snow and even just walking on snowy sidewalks can be hazardous if you’re not careful. Using good lifting…

98 Percent of Employees Have Received Flu Shot for Essentia Health

If Employee Doesn't Get Flu Shot by the End of the Day, They Will be Terminated

DULUTH, Minn-Today is the last day that Essentia employees can get the flu shot, otherwise they will be terminated. A spokesperson for Essentia told Fox 21 that at least 98 percent of employees have got one so far. The requirement includes vendors, volunteers, and students who work at their various sites. Those exempted are employees who have a certain medical…