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Record High Lake Levels Good For Shipping, Bad for Shoreline

Experts say more water is better for carrying shipping cargo, but more damaging to shoreline especially with storms.

DULUTH, Minn.- Water levels on Lake Superior have been in an upward trend, breaking record averages for July, still months away from the Fall when they’re expected to rise. As of Monday Lake Superior sits at 603.22 ft for the month of July. It is 14 inches above the norm for the month. According the Associate Director of Outreach with…

After Proposing Cuts, Trump Now Ready to Fund Great Lakes Restoration

The President backtracks on some proposed cuts to EPA.

DULUTH, Minn.- For the third year in a row the President proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, which included a 90 percent cut to funding for Great Lakes restoration. But that proposal now seems to be saved by the President himself. Last night at a rally in Michigan, the President declared his support for the Great Lakes. “I support…

$300 Million for Great Lakes Cleanup Moves Forward in Congress

Bill Will Now Go To Senate

DETROIT-A wide-ranging Great Lakes cleanup program would receive $300 million next year under a spending bill approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The measure cleared the committee this week and now goes to the full Senate. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative focuses on the region’s most longstanding environmental problems, such as toxic pollution, farm and urban runoff, invasive species and…