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Independent Television Festival Finds New Home in Duluth

City Announces Festival Coming Next October

DULUTH, Minn.- Big things are in store for the city of Duluth, as it’s the new home of the Independent Television, or ITV, Festival. It started in Los Angeles then moved to Vermont – and is now on its way to make Duluth a TV star. It’s also expected to pump $1.5 million into the city’s economy. This adds to…

IRRRB to Privatize Skiing Operations

Much of Facility Already Privately Run

ST. PAUL, Minn.-A private management firm will take over skiing operations at Giants Ridge. The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board approved that plan on a 5-4 vote today in St. Paul. Much of the Biwabik resort is already privatized, including the golf course. IRRRB Commissioner Mark Phillips believes some employees will now take an early retirement option. Giants Ridge…