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Local Holiday Toy Drive In Need of More Donations

Mike Letica's Toy Drive short of toys needed, as demand increases.

DULUTH, Minn.- The organizer of a local holiday toy drive is asking for more donations, as they’ve been lower this year while the demand has been higher. Mike Letica, owner of the Iron Mug Restaurant in Morgan Park is looking for more donations of phone accessories for teens, games and toys for 2-8 year-olds, and clothes for infants. Last year…

Iron Mug Arranges Gifts for Christmas Giveaway

Mike Letica Hosting Toy Giveaway

DULUTH, Minn.- As the holidays fast approach, many families are forced to sit with the realization that they can’t afford to buy Christmas presents. Well, Mike Letica and his team at Iron Mug Coffehouse is trying to change that again this year. They’re currently sorting through $10,000 worth of toys, to hand out to families in need this Christmas. The…

Make a Child Smile Campaign Seeking Donations

Local Toy Donation Drive Looks to Help Needy Families

DULUTH – A donation drive that started as a way to help a few families during the holiday season has taken off. We’ve told you about the “Make a Child Smile” campaign put on by Mike Letica with Super America. Now, Letica tells FOX 21 he’s received several requests from needy families since our story last night. He’s asking for…