northern lights express

Talks Continue for Duluth-Minneapolis Rail Line

Amtrak and City of Duluth update each other

DULUTH, Minn.- Talks are continuing to move forward for a passenger rail line between Duluth and the Twin Cities. This past week, the North Shore Scenic Railroad hosted a representative from Amtrak, who met with Mayor Emily Larson, Councilor Noah Hobbs, and other city officials about the Northern Lights Express idea. The new train would add Duluth to the 500-city…

Progress in Northern Lights Express Project

The proposed high-speed train will connect the Twin Ports and Minneapolis.

DULUTH, Minn.- A high speed train connecting the Twin Ports has been under the works for nearly a decade, on Monday officials announced the Northern Lights Express project is moving along. Officials say the window of opportunity for the Northern Lights Express is finally open.  The half billion dollar train has been cleared to seek government funding. The next steps…

The Northern Lights Express Passenger Rail Project Gets Green Light to Seek Funding

Federal Railroad Administration issues a Finding of No Significant Impact on Tier 2 Environmental Assessment.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Federal Administration has found that the Northern Lights Express project will not have significant environmental impacts and can proceed to seek funding for final design and construction. FRA and MnDOT, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, prepared a Tier 2 EA for the NLX Project, which examined the 152-mile project corridor relative to…