Northland Healthy Minds

Twin Ports Focuses on Mental Health Awareness Following Chaotic Week

The month of May is now dedicated to Northland Healthy Minds.

TWIN PORTS-  Mayors from both sides of the bridge are working to break down the stigma that often surrounds mental health. They’re calling it Northland Healthy Minds and they say this is even more timely given the recent traumatic events the Twin Ports have faced. Just this past month Superior firefighters faced the suicide of their longtime battalion chief Eric…

Reducing the Stigma Around Mental Health

The Make it Ok campaign is training organizations around the Northland.

DULUTH, Minn.- Workers for the city of Duluth began training the correct way to address mental illness in the work place last year, Tuesday a plethora of organizations are following suit. Northland Healthy Minds aims to reduce the stigma around mental illness in the workplace. Over 40 organizations are involved, dedicated to training their employees the correct way to address…