Northland Snowmobiling

Volunteer Snowmobile Trail Groomer In Need of Repair or Replacement

The only groomer tackling trails in East Duluth and up the North Shore is out of service.

DULUTH, Minn.- The only snow groomer working on snowmobile trails in East Duluth is out of commission and in need of repair. While grooming the trails, the Duluth Drift-Toppers Snowmobile Club’s machine encountered an engine failure. Now the motor has to be redone, in order to keep the trails used by snowmobilers, fat-tire bikers, and hikers smooth and clean. The…

Snowmobiling Reaches Peak in Sawyer County

Hayward Power Sports Rents Affordable Sleds As Season Winds Down

HAYWARD, Wis. — Right now is the time to hop on the sleds and hit the trails in Sawyer and Washburn counties! They are at peak after the near 10″ of fresh snow fell from the last storm, blanketing their 600 miles of trails. “Tourists are still coming in but it’s slowing down. So locals get to take over the…