Organ Donor

Finding a Match: Turning Life-or-Death Moments into Miracles

Experts say there are More People Waiting for Life-Saving Organ Transplants than there are Organs Available

DULUTH, Minn. – Every year on February 14 health officials and folks living in life-or-death situations take time to raise awareness for National Organ Donor Day. Statistics show more than 80 percent of people waiting for their life-saving gift are in need of a kidney. “I found out when I was 21,” said Connor Clark. Some say age is just…

Flag Ceremony Honors Organ Recipients and Donors

The flag is raised for 24 hours every time an organ is donated.

DULUTH, Minn.- Organ donors and recipients were honored today in downtown Duluth. Studies show over 3,00 people in the Midwest are waiting to receive an organ. Essentia Health raised a flag showing support for donors and recipients. We spoke with a donor recipient, who received a heart from a young man in a motorcycle accident. “I would go out of…