Park Point Beach House

‘Power Play Paddle Fundraiser’ Rents Paddleboards to Raise Money for Youth Hockey

The event raised roughly $500, enough to pay one hockey player’s fees for a whole year.

DULUTH, Minn.- While hockey and stand-up paddle boarding may not have a lot in common, the two banded together for the first ever Power Play Paddle Fundraiser to raise money for the Duluth Heights Hockey Association on Park Point Beach Sunday. “Duluth is so fun in the summer, and there’s so much to do and obviously this is not during…

Beach House Opens on Park Point

A sign that summer is near

DULUTH, Minn.- There’s a sign of summer right around the corner as the Park Point Beach House has opened for the season. With the warm weather we had Tuesday, some folks spent today at the beach. We came across one beach-goer today who spent thirty years working for the City’s Public Works Department. It turns out, he played a major…