Fairlawn Mansion Celebrates Martin Pattison, Begins Garden Talks

Northland Uncovered: Fairlawn Mansion

DULUTH, Minn. – This week a celebration in the Twin Ports is honoring a man with a major impact on the area. Wednesday, January 17 would be Martin Pattison’s 177th birthday. Superior Public Museums is recognizing the day with half-priced tours of Fairlawn Mansion and dessert.   The free cake, cookies, and tea will be in the Fairlawn gift shop….

New Fairlawn Exhibit Features Servants’ Quarters

The Fairlawn Mansion in Superior Will Now Host Tours of the Servants' Quarters

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – Most Northlanders have heard the name Martin Pattison and understand the incredible impact he had on the City of Superior any beyond. But what about another group of about a dozen who lived at his mansion as well? In this week’s Northland Uncovered, we learn a little about them and the new way they’re being honored on…