Knowing Your Neighbors: Downtown Duluth Photo Gallery Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

Tischer Photographic Gallery sells nature images.

DULUTH, Minn.- The photographer at Tischer Photographic Gallery on West Superior Street captures breathtaking scenes of Lake Superior, Gooseberry Falls, or other Northland scenes and turns them into pieces you can hang in your home. “If you come into our gallery and purchase a piece of artwork y’know we make it with our hands right here,” owner and photographer Ryan…

Capturing Mother Nature’s Wild Side from Canal Park

Hundreds of Hearty Midwesterners Flock to Canal Park to Capture Mother Nature's Wild Side

Wind gusts of more than 50mph are not stopping folks from capturing moments firsthand from the powerful April winter blast. As of Thursday morning there was no snow yet for the City of Duluth, but that didn’t stop residents and tourists from freezing for a reason to check out the natural beauty of a wild Lake Superior. “We’re from Fargo,…