Portland Malt Shoppe

Portland Malt Shoppe Open for the Season

Customers say they're excited to taste summer again.

DULUTH, Minn.- A sign that summer is just around the corner–the popular Portland Malt Shoppe in Duluth re-opened Friday. People can once again stop in for sundaes, malts, and more frozen treats while walking the lakewalk by Fitger’s. “It’s nice to be able to support local businesses when we can. Just nice to be able to help out the community,”…

Portland Malt Shoppe Open for Season

Popular malt and ice cream stop bringing customers in the cold.

DULUTH, Minn.- Is it cold? A little. Too cold for ice cream? “This is Minnesota. Nothing, nothing’s cold about Ice Cream,” said Joel Heller. Heller joins dozens of others in a long line at Portland Malt Shoppe, for their first day open for the season. The chill and the drizzle aren’t enough to stop Northland malt lovers, and for some,…