Proctor Public Schools

Proctor Hockey Arena Set To Open This Summer

The arena will be located on Kirkus Street.

PROCTOR, Minn. – This July Proctor will have a brand new hockey arena and event center. The decking is finished and the final layers of the roof are going up. Once that’s done the heating work comes next. The arena will double as a community center, that’ll have a walking track, enough room to seat 1,200 people and a community…

Proctor Public Schools Computers Hit With Virus

Proctor Public Schools has hired a company, Proven Data, and have requested expedites service to repair the files

PROCTOR, Minn, -Proctor Public School leaders were facing an unexpected situation when staff arrived to work on Monday. A virus attacked all the school computers that were left on over the weekend. Staff members tell us they believe the source of the problem came from a virtual log in. Files on Microsoft Word and pictures were locked and encrypted which…