Professional wrestling

Celebrating a Heavy Halloween with Heavy on Wrestling

About 500 people packed the event.

DULUTH, Minn,- About 500 Northlanders were ready to rumble as they packed the Clyde Malting Building for the first time, for Heavy Halloween 2. “Heavy on Wrestling, Heavy on Wrestling, Heavy on Wrestling,” said wrestler The System. Crowds go crazy at the boom of wrestlers hitting the ring and the grunts of wrestlers hitting each other. “I like hurting people,”…

Professional Wrestlers to Take Over Clyde Iron Works this Weekend

WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart to Appear

DULUTH, Minn. – This weekend several professional wrestlers will be in the ring at Clyde Iron Works. Heavy on Wrestling is presenting the matches on Sunday, June 11. Dave Sabick, Founder of Heavy on Wrestling, tells FOX 21, “what’s great about professional wrestling is it’s the ultimate adrenaline rush, the closest thing to real-life superheroes in front of you performing…