Superior Fuel Company Adds Four 80,000 Gallon Fuel Tanks to Rail Terminal Site

The tanks should be up and running within the next two months.

DULUTH, Minn. — Superior Fuel have added four 80,000 gallon propane tanks at their rail terminal site in West Duluth. The 2.5 million dollar project is expected to help heat more homes during the winter season. With each tank able to provide fuel refills to over three-hundred homes. Throughout the next few weeks the tanks will be gearing up to…

Fuel Companies See Heating Oil Sales Go Up Ahead of Winter

Customers asked to keep paths to tanks and pipes clear of snow.

DULUTH, Minn.- Heating oil and propane are starting to be hot commodities again as we move loser to winter. Superior Fuel is already seeing more gallons of fuel go out the door as customers are turning on their heat for the first time. The company’s President, Ryan Gunderson, said while you heat up your home this winter, remember to shovel…