Residents, City at a Crossroads over Glenwood Street

Community Meeting at Lester Park Elementary Abuzz with Concerns

DULUTH, Minn.-Lester Park Elementary School was alive after school hours Wednesday. A meeting was held between the city and community members to address traffic concerns with Glenwood street intersecting with Jean Duluth and Snively roads. It appears after numerous speeding tickets, accidents, and even a fatality at that intersection, community members and the city both say enough is enough, but…

New City Budget Could Increase Your Property Taxes

Mayor Emily Larson's budget proposal is nearly a six percent increase from 2017's budget

DULUTH, Minn. -Along with drawing from the city’s reserve fund, the typical Duluth homeowner could see a $30 property tax increase if a city budget proposal passes. Duluth Mayor Emily Larson’s proposal would try to fill the budget gap partially through cutting staff from city departments and increasing your property taxes. Part of the proposal includes spending an additional $1…