Public Works Department

Duluth City Crews Clear Heavy Chunks of Metal Culvert from Lester River

Crews said they were pieces of culverts washed out from the 2012 flood. 

DULUTH, Minn.- Among the swimmers in the river and hikers on the trail, some may have spotted city crews at Lester Park clearing metal debris out of the river. Public works responded to a citizen report of chunks of metal floating downstream. Crews said they were pieces of culverts washed out from the 2012 flood. Some of those pieces weiged…

City of Virginia Set to Furlough Up to 28 Employees Beginning in May

"It makes me sick to my stomach," said Mayor Larry Cuffe.

VIRGINIA, Minn.- The City of Virginia is set to furlough up to 28 employees beginning May 4th due to projected revenue losses. Mayor Larry Cuffe said a majority of the 28 employees are expected to come from Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and Golf Course staff. While they’re avoiding cutting any staff from public safety departments right now, the Mayor…

Beach House Opens on Park Point

A sign that summer is near

DULUTH, Minn.- There’s a sign of summer right around the corner as the Park Point Beach House has opened for the season. With the warm weather we had Tuesday, some folks spent today at the beach. We came across one beach-goer today who spent thirty years working for the City’s Public Works Department. It turns out, he played a major…