14 Year-Old Gets Personal Birthday Parade

Traffic on Arrowhead Road honked to wish Haley a Happy Birthday.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Saturday a Duluth teenager got her own personal birthday parade to help her celebrate another milestone. Much of the traffic on Arrowhead Road honked to celebrate Haley Kovach-Hubert turning 14. The birthday girl also got a special parade organized by her family. Haley says despite not having a party, this birthday was one to remember. “I feel…

New COVID-19 Cases in St. Louis, Douglas Counties

Experts say while it's not confirmed, they are sure there is community spread.

The cases of Coronavirus continue to climb in the Northland. A second case has been discovered in St. Louis County, along with three others in Douglas County, bringing the total there to four–with one case in Superior. There remains one confirmed case in Bayfield County The newest case in St. Louis County is a woman in her early 60s who…