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Tree Clearing for Bats, Soil Processing Last Steps Before Mission Creek Restoration Work in August

Crews start tree clearing Wednesday, and expect soil processing to finish by the end of July.

DULUTH, Minn.- Reconstruction work is finally set to begin this summer on the Mission Creek burial site in Duluth’s Fond Du Lac neighborhood, three years after MnDOT crews accidentally tore it up working to replace the Highway 23 Bridge there. Before they can get started, they have to finish some prep work which includes a plan to keep the area’s…

Mission Creek Updates from MnDOT

Community Members Voice Concerns at Meeting

DULUTH, Minn.- 387. That was the magic number from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to the community. They say it will take 387 days to finish burial recovery at the grave site unearthed by Mission Creek Bridge Construction. It is the first time they have had a measurable timeline for the project. After burial recovery, crews move to cemetery restoration,…