Renee Van Nett

Duluth Council to Discuss Indigenous People’s Abuse, Trauma from Christian Boarding Schools

The resolution allows the Duluth City Council to officially go on record calling on Congress to commission a study and report on the boarding school policy.

DULUTH, Minn.- As Duluth City Council prepares to meet on Monday, also Indigenous People’s Day, one of the biggest items on their agenda is a resolution calling for awareness and reconciliation for Christian boarding schools who abused and in some cases killed many indigenous children throughout history. As the Northland prepares to recognize Indigenous People’s Day, the resolution put forth…

Duluth Council Passes Plastic Bag Fee, Two Councilors Opposed

City has until April to decide enforcement.

DULUTH, Minn.- After discussing the issue of plastic bags for almost four years and  debating the Five Cent Bag Fee ordinance for two months, Duluth City Council has passed the ordinance 6-2, with Councilors Forsman and Van Nett opposed. As per usual with the meetings over the past couple months, many members of the public spoke out on the issue,…