Riot Gear

Duluth NAACP Speaks Out After Council Riot Gear Vote

The Duluth City Council voted 6–2 to allow the purchase of riot gear for the police department on Monday night

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth City Council voted 6–2 to allow the purchase of riot gear for the police department, and now some organizations are speaking out. Some members of the Duluth Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) say they are frustrated with the process, and what they see as the city’s lack of including…

City Council Approves Riot Gear As Protesters Take Over Chambers

Disruptions Don't Stop Approval of Riot Gear Purchase

DULUTH, Minn.- After two tabled votes, and three community meetings involving the topic, the Duluth City Council voted 6 to 2 in favor of purchasing roughly $83,000 of riot gear for Police Officers. Counselors Gary Anderson and Joel Sipress voted against the purchase. Em Westerlund was out of town for work. Westerlund missed a city council meeting like no other….

Community Voices Heard One Last Time for Riot Gear

Issue with Comments from Meetings Now Goes to City Council

DULUTH, Minn.- “…we stop being oppositional and look for ways to make our community safe.” The tired plea from one concerned citizen at a third community meeting discussing whether the Duluth Police Department should purchase new riot gear. The Citizens Review Board held its final community meeting about the proposed purchase of riot gear. The feedback along the way will…

Community Voices Opinion on Potential Police Riot Gear

Purchasing the equipment has been put on hold until public comment has been heard.

DULUTH, Minn.- The potential purchasing of riot gear for Duluth Police Officers is an on-going controversial topic. Wednesday night the Duluth Citizen’s Review Board and the Duluth Police Department listened in on concerns and support. Officials with the Duluth Police Department say the riot gear would only be worn during a violent protest, not on a regular assignment. Wednesday night…

Duluth Police Chief Releases Statement Regarding Protective Gear

This comes after concerned citizens spoke out at last night's city council meeting.

DULUTH, Minn.-  The Duluth Police Chief is pulling back on his plans to purchase $83,000 worth of riot gear. This comes after concerned citizens spoke out at last night’s city council meeting against the protective gear. Chief Mike Tusken heard those concerns has had a change in heart releasing the following statement. “I want to write to you today in…