rip current safety

Rip Current Warning on Park Point Beaches

Fire Department warns against swimming.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Fire Department is warning the public that it’s too dangerous to swim at park point beaches because of rip currents in Lake Superior. The rip currents extend as far as 100 yards offshore, and there aren’t any lifeguards at the beaches. There are red flags up at the 12th st beach, Lafayette Square, and the Park…

A New Way to Collect Rip Current Research

Wisconsin-Madison students collected new water safety data today at Park Point Beach

DULUTH, Minn.- Thursday, on the Park Point Beach, students were collecting some new water safety data. The U-W Madison students used a drone to gather information and learn how rip currents affect the beach. They’re also researching how those in the water can prevent getting caught in a dangerous current. One student tells us, drones give them a more advanced…