Safely Lighting Fireworks

Duluth Fire Aims to Promote Firework Safety with Chalk It Up Campaign

Officials say every year nearly 100 injuries statewide happen from fireworks, 40%  of which happen to kids.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Fire Department is back with a Fourth Of July effort to give families in Duluth a safe and quiet way to experience fireworks this weekend. For the Chalk It Up campaign, people are encouraged to draw fireworks with chalk and send a picture of it to the fire department for a chance to win prizes. Officials…

Active Adventures: Safely Lighting Fireworks

KG Fireworks Warehouse on the South Range Offers Safety Classes

SOUTH RANGE, Wisc. — KG Fireworks Warehouse teaches us how to safely light fireworks in this weeks active adventures. From a slow burn safety fuse to home made quick and easy stands, to help make your fireworks experience a safe and memorable one. Join Meteorologist Brittney Merlot and Owner Jason Detherage of KG Fireworks for tips. Safety classes are also…