UMD Police Urge Drivers to Use Caution, Watch for Pedestrians

Pedestrian Right of Way: Not Always Clear

DULUTH, Minn. – Three weeks into the new year, and already three drivers have been given citations for failing to yield to pedestrians on the campus of UMD. Just last year, 24 drivers received tickets, an uptick from 2018. With recent weather conditions making for tall snow banks and sloppy, slick roads, it’s prompting UMD Police Department to speak out…

Veterinarians Stress Safety for Pets Over Thanksgiving Holiday

Dr. Justin Dahl with Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Superior Recommends Paying Extra Attention to Pets this Holiday Season

SUPERIOR, Wis. – With a Thanksgiving feast on everyone’s mind, local veterinarians say you should consider the safety of your pets during the holiday season. Thanksgiving could potentially be dangerous for some animals, with the possibility of getting table scraps, or getting into the garbage filled with leftovers and grease. Experts say to avoid letting your pets eat grapes, raisins,…

St. Luke’s Dietitian Suggests Handing Out Other Types of Treats this Halloween

St. Luke's Clinical Dietitian Mary Cherne Offers Advice When it Comes to Being Inclusive to All Trick-or-Treaters

DULUTH, Minn. – Halloween falls on Thursday this week and many folks have probably already stocked up the candy drawer, but it’s important to remember moderation is the best bet as we head into the height of the holiday season. St. Luke’s Clinical Dietitian Mary Cherne stopped by FOX 21 Local News to offer a few tips before trick-or-treating this…

Superior Law Enforcement Help Spread Rail Safety Awareness

SUPERIOR, Wis – Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has declared Sept. 22 through Sept. 28 “Rail Safety Week” throughout the state. It allows local law enforcement agencies and railroad companies to work together to help spread awareness to motorists. In Wisconsin last year, there were 39 crashes involving trains, which resulted in 12 injuries and 4 deaths. Tuesday in Superior, officials…

50-Year-Old Male Dead After Incident Involving Skidsteer Tractor

The Incident Happened Sunday, July 21 Around 8:00 p.m. in rural Cook, Minnesota

MORCOM TOWNSHIP, Minn. – An evening of yard work turned tragic for a 50-year-old male in rural Cook, Minnesota over the weekend. The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office received the call for help around 8:00 p.m. Sunday, July 21. When authorities arrived to the scene located in the 8700 Block of Highway 5 in Morcom Township (North of the Side…

Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Drunk Boating in Northland

Crackdown is part of Operation Dry Water Campaign.

MINNESOTA-  Safety on the water will be a top priority this weekend. According to authorities, drunk boating is drunk driving. Law enforcement will be increasing patrols on Northland waters as part of their yearly Operation Dry Water campaign. From 2013 to 2017 alcohol was a factor in 26 boating deaths and 46 injuries on Minnesota waters. Meanwhile Wisconsin was the…

Keeping Fido Calm During Fourth Festivities

A Place for Fido Offers a Variety of Products to Help Keep Animals Calm During Stressful Situations

DULUTH, Minn. – Anxiety medications are flying out the doors of local veterinary clinics and hospitals this week along with other treats, toys, and materials used to keep animals calm as humans prepare to blast off fireworks to celebrate independence. “We do get a lot of anxiety ridden dogs that come in this time of year,” said Jamie Parent, Owner…

UPDATE: Two Missing Children Located, Suspect in Custody

Authorities Locate Two Missing Children, Suspect in Custody

UPDATE: Officials say the abducted children have been found safe. The suspect, 25-year-old Jeffrey Lo is in custody. ________________________________________________________________________ COTTAGE GROVE, Minn. – An Amber Alert is currently in effect out of Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Police say shortly after 6:30 a.m. Friday, Jeffrey Lo assaulted the mother of his two children and left the scene in the mother’s mini-van with…

Fatal ATV Accident in Northern Itasca County

Officials Responded to the Crash Saturday, May 25 in Rural Northern Itasca County

ITASCA COUNTY, Minn. – The Itasca County Sheriff’s Office reports one man is dead after a crash on US Foresty Road 2182 located in rural northern Itasca County. The crash happened Saturday, May 25. When deputies responded, they found an ATV off the roadway. Jason Lee Schultz, 32, was found deceased as a result of injuries from the crash. Schultz…

Animal Answers: It’s Time to Talk Turtles

Educators with the Lake Superior Zoo Offer Safety Tips to Remember when Interacting with Turtles

DULUTH, Minn. – With the Minnesota fishing opener on Saturday, May 11 and more humans enjoying area lakes, it’s time to once again talk turtle conservation. It’s also important to remember we often share rural roads with these interesting reptiles. Melanie Michaels with the Lake Superior Zoo stopped by the FOX 21 Studios Wednesday to share a few reminders in this…

Hands-free Driving Bill Passes in Minnesota House

The House Passed the Bill Monday Night

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – The Minnesota House has approved a bill that would require motorists to use hands-free devices when talking on the phone. Sponsors say the measure will cut down on the rising level of distracted driving and save lives. The House passed the bill 106 – 21 Monday night. A similar bill is working its way through…

Coffee Conversation: Staying Heart Healthy this Winter

Dr. Leif Christianson, St. Luke's Cardiologist, Offers Tips to Stay Heart Healthy this Winter Season

DULUTH, Minn. – For this week’s Midwest Roaster’s Coffee Conversation, St. Luke’s Cardiologist, Dr. Leif Christianson, stopped by FOX 21 Local News to chat about ways to stay heart healthy this winter. The Northland is suffering a lack of snowfall so far this year, but that doesn’t mean we won’t make up for it as the season goes on. Christianson wants to…

Minnesota State Patrol: Extra DUI Enforcement Starts Today

The Minnesota State Patrol is Cracking Down on Drung Drivers this Holiday Season; Extra Officers will be on Minnesota Roads

ST. PAUL – The holidays are filled with joy, happiness and time together with family and friends. Too often the joy turns to sorrow when a family is notified of a loved one’s tragic death on Minnesota roads due to someone driving impaired. To help keep families together this holiday season, more than 300 law enforcement agencies across Minnesota are…

Tips to Keep Pets Away From the Emergency Room this Holiday Season

Dr. Matthew Severs with Superior Animal Hospital Offers Safety Tips for Pet Owners as the Holiday Season Arrives

SUPERIOR, Wis. – We’re just one day away from Thanksgiving — turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and more. Chances are many of us will eat a little too much on turkey day, but what about our pets? Local veterinarians from Superior Animal Hospital want to make sure your animal stays safe this holiday season, avoiding a tragic trip to the emergency…

Hot Weather Worries: Tips for Keeping Pets Cool

In this Week's Animal Answers, Dr. Justin Dahl Offers Tips to Keeping Animals Safe When Weather Warms

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – In this week’s Animal Answers, we’re tackling the topic of hot weather worries when it comes to pets. With temperatures soaring into the 80s and lower 90s, it’s important for us all to remember we’re not the ones wearing a fur coat. Dr. Justin Dahl with Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Superior offers two important tips to…

Fraser Shipyard Improving Safety with Help from Federal Grant

Fraser Shipyard is also spending $168,000 on the project.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- A shipping yard cited with several safety violations in recent years is now putting funding toward extra safety, thanks to a grant from the federal government. Fraser Shipyard will be receiving a half million dollar grant from the U.S. Maritime Marine Administration. A Superior Shipping Yard cited with several safety violations in recent years is now putting funding toward extra safety….

Tips for Keeping Pets Calm this Fourth of July

Staff at Animal Allies Humane Society Want to Remind Pet Owners and Firework Users of the Dangers Surrounding Animals and Fireworks

Things you can do ahead of time for stressful, noisy situations: •Medication for Anxiety – prescribed by your veterinarian, this can be helpful for pets with situational or on-going anxiety issues •Securely fastened collar / harness with a Pet ID Tag •Update your ID Tag information – Has your phone number changed recently? •Microchip your pet – Even if the…

Safety First this Fourth of July

The Duluth Fire Department Reminds of Important Safety Tips as People Ignite Fireworks this Independence Day

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Fire Department wants everyone to take in the “oohs and awes without the ouch” this Independence Day. The 4th of July can bring out the best outdoor entertainment with warm weather, grilling, parades, and fireworks, however, Duluth Fire Marshal Marnie Grondahl wants to remind folks that fireworks come with extreme danger if not enjoyed with caution….

St. Luke’s Dietitian Offers Summer Food Safety Tips

St. Luke's Clinical Dietitian Mary Cherne Offers Important Tips to Remember When Preparing Your Summer BBQ

DULUTH, Minn. – Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year and many folks will be firing up the grill to help celebrate, but St. Luke’s in Duluth says it’s important to remember a few simple safety tips when it comes to setting out your favorite picnic foods. Monday morning, St. Luke’s Clinical Dietitian Mary Cherne stopped by FOX 21…

Duluth Teacher Deemed Negligent After Two Kindergarten Students Locked Outside of School

The mother of one of the students involved tells us mistakes happen but not being truthful is another story.

DULUTH, Minn.- A teacher with the Duluth School District is under investigation and on unpaid leave after two kindergarten students were accidentally locked outside in the cold. The incident happened in January 2017, at Congdon Park Elementary School. The mother of one of the students involved tells us mistakes happen but not being truthful is another story. The Minnesota Department of…

Nice Pitbull Looks to Help Open People’s Eyes

Duluthian Jesse Hakala Started Nice Pitbull Seven Years Ago to Raise Awareness and Stomp the Stigma of Pit Bull Aggression

DULUTH, Minn. – Through the power of social media and people coming together, one Northland man is looking to spread H.O.P.E, helping open people’s eyes. “I love all dogs, but pit bull’s are the ones that I chose,” said Jesse Hakala, a pit bull owner. For Hakala, a walk in the park or down a sidewalk comes with pride. “They…

Pedestrian Bridge Now Open at Chester Bowl

Safety and Environmental Improvements are Being Made at Chester Bowl, One of Duluth's Most Popular Parks

DULUTH, Minn. – Safety and environmental improvements are helping to beautify Chester Bowl in Duluth. The City has finished installing a new pedestrian bridge spanning across Chester Creek. Before construction, Chester Bowl Executive Director Dave Schaeffer says there was simply an old dam visitors would use to walk across to get to the other side of the creek. Aside from safety,…

Special Report: The Fight Against Distracted Driving

Throughout Distracted Driving Awareness Month, 83 Citations Were Given to Distracted Drivers in the Duluth District

DULUTH, Minn. – According to the organization We Save Lives, millennials find distracted drivers scarier than public speaking, spiders, snakes and even death. It’s why local advocates and law enforcement are continuing to spread a strong message to drivers who chose to engage in other activities while behind the wheel. “When you’re driving, just concentrate on driving,” said Lt. Jason…

Emergency Plan Keeps Adoptable Four-Legged Friends Safe

The Douglas County Humane Society was forced to evacuate after the Husky refinery explosion on Thursday.

  SUPERIOR, Wis.-  We checked in on our four-legged friends at the Douglas County Humane Society after dealing with evacuating. The shelter shook on Thursday, after the explosion at the Husky refinery, putting their emergency plan in motion. The director says the plan has been in place for nearly five years and they never expected to put it to use….

Time to Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Safely

Throwing away unwanted medicine can be unsafe for the environment and others around you.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s spring cleaning for your medicine cabinet in Duluth.  It’s the medical cabinet clean out event at Western Lake Superior Sanitary District. Community members can drop off inwanted medicine. Officials say for the safety of the environment and other individual its important to dispose of medicine properly. “You open up your chance to have illicit use, somebody diverting them…

One Student Dead, Another Hurt by gun in Alabama High School

metal detectors and other security measures failed to keep students from handling a gun in a classroom.

(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – Birmingham closed one of its largest schools for a thorough safety sweep Thursday after metal detectors and other security measures failed to keep students from handling a gun in a classroom where one 17-year-old was fatally shot and another wounded in an apparent accident. “We consider it accidental until the investigation takes us elsewhere,”…

Local Students Hold Peaceful Protest Asking for Change

The students at Superior Middle School held a walk-out to honor the students who were shot and killed in Florida

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Students at Stoneman Douglas High School returned to classes for the first time since the shooting massacre, Superior Middle School students made their voices heard. The students at Superior Middle School held a walk-out to honor the students who were shot and killed in Florida. It was also a time to talk gun regulations, mental health, and school safety….

Staying Safe and Active in the Cold

How to keep your furry friend and you warm in the winter.

DULUTH, Minn.- These cold temperatures are just another Minnesota winter, which can’t stop you from mountain biking and cross country skiing. Eve Graves is a specialist about the cold and gave us the low down of what to do in low temperatures. Eve’s first tip is to use a device called Lung Plus, it’s a winter breathing solution. You place…

How to Keep Vehicles Running Smooth in Freezing Temps

Drivers typically notice car battery problems in extreme temperatures.

DULUTH, Minn.- Its below freezing is the Northland, the chilling temperatures might make you want to bundle up inside. This cold of weather can also make your vehicle not want to move either. Auto repair shops are receiving many calls today from Northlanders struggling starting up their vehicles. The Automedics in Duluth is offering up some tips to help ensure…

Rise in Impaired Driving During Holiday Season

Local law enforcement are cracking down on driving under the influence this holiday season.

DULUTH, Minn.-Last year in Minnesota 74 people died due to alcohol involved crashes, on Wednesday 74 holiday gifts were handed out at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The event is part of the Towards Zero Death Campaign. Local law officials walked students through field sobriety tests. When participants attempted to complete the tasks wearing the drunk simulation goggles, it put things perspective….

New Program Helps Domestic Abuse Survivors Temporarily House Pets

The Twin Ports Pets Housing Program helps victims have one less thing to worry about.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Leaving a  relationship with domestic abuse is a difficult situation and here in the Twin Ports it’s a decision made even harder, as victims fear about what will happen to their pets. The Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse (CASDA) is asking the community to help a new program, that will ensure victim’s animals will have a home….

Northlanders Donate to Help Ensure Officer Safety

Over one hundred gathered to give money for local officers safety equipment.

DULUTH, Minn.- A non–profit organization aims to help boast safety for local law enforcement with help from the community. The organizers of shield 616 said with the rise in active shootings they want to make sure our officers are protected. Sheild 616 hosts events around the Northland, gathering donations to purchase bullet proof gear for local law officials. “People are so…

November Peak Month for Deer-Vehicle Crashes

ST. PAUL, Minn. – November is the peak time for deer-vehicle crashes in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The increase in crashes is due to deer mating season occurring in November. Increased deer movement and reduction of daylight increases drivers’ chances of encountering deer on roadways. From 2013-15, there was 6,149 reported deer-vehicle crashes, according to the…

Trick-or-Treating Tricks and Tips

How much candy is too much candy on Halloween?

DULUTH, Minn.- Trick-or-Treating is 24 hours away, FOX21 has tips on handling the sugar monsters that come with it. Plenty of candy will be handed out and eaten by little ones. According to one local expert, allowing children to indulge on Halloween has its benefits. “A lot of times on that first night it’s good to just let them eat,”…

Study: Roundabouts Reduce Serious Injuries in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota’s nearly 200 roundabouts are reducing serious injuries and saving lives, according to a new study released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. According to MnDOT officials, roundabouts have a comparable initial construction costs and lower life-cycle cost than a traffic signal with similar traffic capacity. The study examined the safety performance of 144 roundabouts by…

Chaplain Training Underway in Duluth

Training underway for chaplains, who help our community and local law enforcement.

DULTUH, Minn.- Chaplains from across the region are in Duluth this week. Chaplains are participating in training at the Public Safety Office by the St. Louis County Sheriff’s office, to be the best chaplains possible. FOX21 is told their role is to offer emotional and spiritual support to all people. Chaplains serve as a listening ear to police officers, their…

Staying Safe This Season in the Woods

Minnesota DNR Offers Tips to Stay Safe When Hunting, Hiking or Spending Time in the Forest

DULUTH, Minn. – Within the past month, search and rescue teams have been dispatched to numerous calls involving lost individuals in the woods. The calls, coming weeks before thousands more people will enter into the forest for the firearm deer season. As the season pushes closer, local law enforcement and the Minnesota DNR want to remind anyone heading into the…

Vision Jet Becomes Reality for Duluth Based Cirrus Aircraft

New Vision Jet by Cirrus Aircraft Proves to be Popular with Consumers

DULUTH, Minn. – A Duluth aircraft manufacturer, founded back in 1984, is now skyrocketing to new heights in the Northland. Cirrus Aircraft recently unveiled the company’s latest product and company officials say demand is already taking off. “There’s not a better place to be than up above the clouds,” said Matt Bergwall, Director of Cirrus’ new Vision Jet. Northlanders woke…

Range Regional Airport Receives Over $3.7 Million for Safety Improvements

(Facebook) HIBBING, Minn. – The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded a grant of $3,729,074 for safety improvements at the Range Regional Airport in Hibbing. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, along with Rep. Rick Nolan, made the announcement Monday. “Improving the safety of our infrastructure serves as a down payment on the long-term economic well-being of Minnesota and the country,”…

Twin Ports Utility Crews Head to Florida

As Hurricane Irma Inches Closer to Florida, Minnesota Power and Superior Water Light and Power Crews Head South to Help

DULUTH, Minn. – Hurricane Irma is slowly making way toward mainland Florida. Thursday evening, the storm impacted Puerto Rico. Forecasters are still uncertain which route the storm will take, but it’s not stopping local power workers from heading south to help. “It’s going to be pretty much mass devastation,” said Minnesota Power Lineman Mike Linn. The natural disaster is continuing…

Upcoming Events in Gary New Duluth Promote Safety and Community

Annual Raffle and Bike Rodeo to be Held This Week

DULUTH, Minn. – This week is full of activities at the Gary New Duluth Recreation Center. Thursday, August 24 the center is hosting its annual raffle event. Todd Eckart will be performing and funds raised will support the Gary New Duluth Development Alliance. The event on Thursday starts at 6 p.m., but event organizers recommend arriving at 5:30 p.m. On…

Extra DWI Patrols on Minnesota Roadways

Labor Day Weekend is One of the Deadliest Holidays on Minnesota Roads

DULUTH, Minn. – Now through Labor Day, law enforcement agencies across the state of Minnesota are cracking down on drunk driving. In 2016, over 23,000 drivers received tickets for driving while intoxicated according to the Department of Public Safety. It’s a number the Toward Zero Deaths Campaign would like to see go down. According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety,…

Studies Show ‘Babies Need Boxes’

Studies Show Finland has one of the Lowest Infant Mortality Rates in the World

DULUTH, Minn. – For year, babies have been falling asleep in boxes. Closer to home, one Minnesota mother caught onto the trend back in 2015. Since then, proper education of the practice has been spread to various communities across the country. “I think it would have been fantastic,” said Lori Sawnson, St. Luke’s Birthing Center Nurse Manager. Helpful hands, for…

Summer Pet Apparel with A Place for Fido

Local Pet Store Offers Summer Safety Tips for Your Furry Friends

DULUTH, Minn. – In this week’s Animal Answers, we’re tackling summertime apparel for your pets. It’s something many of us often forget about when in the water, on the sidewalk or even lounging at home. “Animals can sense the drop of the barometric pressure and we don’t even feel it,” said Ben Parents, Co-owner of A Place for Fido. Thunderstorms…

Cleanup Begins at West Duluth Housing Complex

The Building's Roof on West Third Street in Duluth Collapsed June 5

DULUTH, Minn. – Construction work started Friday afternoon at a West Duluth housing complex just weeks after the roof collapsed, displacing residents. The Red Cross responded to the building on West Third Street in the Lincoln Park neighborhood during the morning of June 5. Authorities say the building was vacant at the time of the incident. A neighboring building was…

Over 300 Agencies to Crack Down on Speeding

The Minnesota State Patrol is Partnering with Local Agencies from July 7-23

DULUTH, Minn. – Starting Friday, July 7, the Minnesota State Patrol will be joining forces with 300 local agencies across the state to crack down on speeding. The partnership comes as Minnesotans drive through the 100 deadliest days of summer on Minnesota roadways. According to the State Patrol, 92 people lost their lives last year on Minnesota roads due to…

Coast Guard Reminds Boaters to Stay Safe

As Thousands Prepare for a Long Memorial Day Weekend, Others are Thinking Safety

DULUTH, Minn. – Thousands will be driving to the cabin or favorite summer destination this Memorial Day weekend. With that, the United States Coast Guard is looking to make sure safety comes first. The Coast Guard in the Twin Ports is busy making sure they’re up to date on rescue techniques and procedures. One Officer we spoke with say boaters,…

MnDOT Reminds of Work Zone Awareness

Nearly 800 Accidents Happen Each Year During Minnesota's Construction Season

DULUTH, Minn. – Each year in Minnesota almost 800 crashes happen just in work zones alone. It’s why the Minnesota Department of Transportation is looking to raise awareness during the week of April 3 through April 7. On average, seven people die each year in Minnesota because of work zone related accidents. With summer construction season setting in, MnDOT wants…

Snowmobile Safety Concerns

Recent snowmobile fatalities have Northlanders concerned for safety.

Duluth, Minn. – With recent snowmobile fatalities in the Northland, experts are warning people to keep an eye on safety precautions. Alcohol and snowmobiling are a major cause of accidents on the trails. Speed is another factor. Experts caution riders to stay on their side of the trail, and abide by posted speed limits. As of right now, trail conditions…