Sami American Community

Celebrating Solveig: a Sami Arts Legend

Artist Solveig Arneng Johnson Turns 93

DULUTH, Minn.- To understand the impact Solveig Arneng Johnson has made on the Sami community, you don’t need to look far. You need only look at the people who enter the room, approach her, take her hand and graciously thank her for all she’s done. This made Sunday’s celebration as much for the community as it was for the birthday…

Sami Soiree of Culture and Fun

North American Sami Gathering held in Park Point

Duluth, Minn.- Duluth was the center of a cultural congregation this weekend. The Sami Cultural center of North America hosted a gathering for North American Sami at the Lafayette Community Center. Sami from as far away as Alaska and Canada came out for the event. According to organizers, Duluth is full of Sami. “Because we are a gathering for Scandinavian…

Open House Shines Spotlight On Sami Culture

Sami American Culture has a 25 year history

DULUTH, Minn. – The Sami American Community consists of descendants from the indigenous people in northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and a bit of Russia. Duluth is home to the only Sami Cultural Center in North America. We’re told in northern Minnesota there’s a lot of Sami ancestry. at the Sami cultural center they want you to learn about the history…