Historic Log Church Renovated, Open for 134 More Years of Memories

St. Mary and Joseph Church in Sawyer built in 1884 is open after seven years of renovations.

SAWYER, Minn.- This Sunday mass was no regular one for these churchgoers. They were attending service in the newly restored St. Mary and Joseph Log Church. “They think this is the greatest thing that happened,” said Deacon Bryan Bassa. “I’m just, oh I can’t explain, it’s just out of this world.” Also called the “Sawyer Log Church” and the “Church…

Local Preservation Corps Works Life Back into Historic Log Church

Northland Uncovered: Sts. Mary and Joseph Church

SAWYER, Minn. – A church in Sawyer on the Minnesota Registry of Historic Places has been under construction for about a year as a preservation corps puts life into the structure. Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps members are working to restore the Saints Mary and Joseph Church which was built in 1884. The goal was to provide a place of…