Science Night

Science Night at Lester Elementary

The Parent Teacher Association was behind Thursday's "Science Night"

DULUTH, Minn.- Tonight, Lester Park Elementary School turned into a massive “Science Night” for students and their families. Dozens of kids got to get in on all types of demonstrations, from the Duluth East Robotics teams to live science experiments, to even live animals like baby turtles. Daniel Tandberg, a father in attendance, said “it’sĀ great to see so many different…

Lester Park Elementary Embraces Science On “Science Night”

School staff say they want to inspire kids to even become scientists one day.

DULUTH, Minn.- Lester Park Elementary in Duluth is all about showing students the importance of science. That was the case tonight for “Science Night.” Fifteen community partners like the Hartley Nature Center were there to show kids how they use science in their daily lives, at work and for research purposes. School staff say they want to inspire kids to…