Scott Miller

Duluth Drag Races Tear Up Garfield Avenue

12th Annual Drag Races and Car Show draws over 200 drivers to Garfield.

DULUTH, Minn.- Garfield Avenue is the loudest road in town when the 12th Annual Duluth Drag Races rolls into town. The roar of engines, the scream of tires on asphalt, and the smoke rise off of Garfield Avenue. “It’s loud, there’s a lot of smoke from the tires,” said Ryan Kern, President of Kern and Kompany, who put on the…

Targeting the Source of Domestic Violence

Facilitators Trained at Domestic Abuse Intervention Program in Duluth

Duluth, Minn.- .The “Duluth Model” has received worldwide praise for its work correcting domestic violence and abuse. At the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program on Superior St., people from across the world trained to implement the model in their communities. Yet trainees are forced to ask themselves: if you were facilitating a rehab program like this, would you be ready to work…