Minnesotans Receiving Mysterious Packets of Seeds From China

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture Advises Minnesotans to Not Plant the Seeds

ST. PAUL, Minn. – On Monday, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) announced they’ve had multiple reports of residents receiving unsolicited packages of seeds appearing to come from China. “We’re uncertain what these seeds may be and why people are receiving these unsolicited packages,” said Denise Thiede, MDA’s Seed Unit Supervisor. “Until we know more, we encourage people to contact…

Fun with Farm Life at Mr. Ed’s Farm

Farm invites people for free for Old Farm Day.

HIBBING, Minn.- A real life Old McDonald showed his farm off to the public Saturday, and with a moo moo here and a cluck cluck there, Old Farm Day provided great entertainment for all ages. “A farm is a place that brings together plants, animals, soil, water sun and creates life,” said farm owner Ed Nelson. Just hop on a…