West Duluth Sewing and Design Selling Handmade Masks to Stay Afloat

The sewing and alterations business is selling masks for $6, the only business they are getting right now with proms and weddings cancelled.

DULUTH, Minn.- At first, West Duluth Sewing and Design’s foray into making masks started with a donation. Now it’s their only real income, with cancelled proms and weddings slowing business. A nursing home in Moose Lake asked the owners, Jeaneth and Harold Deterling, to make and donate about 50 masks a week, being paid just for materials. “She asked me…

Award Winning Quilt Raffled Away To A Good Home

Northern Lights Machine Quilters Guild Sewed A Unique Quilt And Raffled It Off To Raise Funds For A Local Non-Profit.

DULUTH, Minn. — One lucky woman from Saginaw is now the owner of an award winning quilt. Stitch by stitch the Northern Lights Machine Quilters Guild sewed a unique quilt to raffle off and raise money for a local non-profit. This has taken place the past 4 years and this year, the funds are going to the YWCA Duluth’s Girl…

Wish Babies Bringing Happiness to Homes

Carol Pederson Has Dealt With the Loss of Her Daughter, a Cancer Diagnosis, and Life's Unforgettable Lessons

DULUTH, Minn. – One Duluth woman, living through a roller coaster of unfortunate events, is now looking to brighten her mood by bringing smiles to others’ faces. Wish Babies were born, after one life was lost. New Jersey Native turned Florida girl, Carol Pederson has dealt with a strong dose of reality over her lifetime. “My husband, Greg, was diagnosed…