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Duluth Teacher Convicted of Sexual Misconduct Sentenced

Karla Winterfeld Sentenced to 12 Years

DULUTH, Minn.- A former, young Duluth Middle School teacher, sentenced to 12 years in prison. Karla Winterfeld was once a decorated educator. In 2016 she landed the Greg Irons Award for Exceptional Commitment to the Well–Being of Students. That same year she was also one of the recipients of the Duluth News Tribune’s “20 under 40” awards. But none of…

Unconstitutional Ruling Thrown Out for Minnesota’s Sex Offender Program

Federal Appeals Court Throws Out Judges Decision

MINNEAPOLIS – Today, a federal appeals court tossed out a ruling that the Minnesota sex offender program is unconstitutional. A Minnesota judge ruled the program unconstitutional in the summer of 2015. At that time, U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank cited how rarely anyone gets released from the program and ordered several changes. Those changes included included assessing the more than…