Shane Madrinich

Tow Truck Drivers Extremely Busy During Snowstorm

Tow truck drivers were seen all over the Northland Wednesday following the significant snowfall

DULUTH, Minn.- Road conditions were treacherous Wednesday which meant that not only snow plows were busy, but tow trucks were too. It’s a headache, but also the best time of the year for business for tow truck drivers across the Northland with significant amount of snowfall. Snow plow drivers have been extremely busy as the first widespread snowfall in Duluth…

Summer Means Time to Care for Lawns

Lawn Mowing businesses are busy preparing lawns after rain and snow.

DULUTH, Minn.- Summer is a time for many fun activities: vacations, swimming, barbecues. But it’s also a time to care for your lawns. After a long winter, many Northlanders get a good look at their lawns for the first time in a while. “Of course we’re running into things like 12 inch grass,” said Shane Madrinich. “With the snowfall it…