Vikings Fans Flood Grandma’s to Watch Wild Card Game

Dozens of fans cheered on the Vikes.

DULUTH, Minn.- Grandma’s Sports Garden was alive with dozens of fans as they cheered on the Vikings to win against the Saints Sunday. Fans whooped and hollered, flooding the Sports Garden floor with purple and yellow. Whether they were cheering wildly or groaning at some bad calls, they were all united in their love of SKOL. “We got a lot…

Local Businesses Honoring Minnesota Vikings

Would you decorate your home with purple gear?

DULUTH, Minn.- The Vikings victory last Sunday not only has fans shouting SKOL but businesses are getting into the spirit as well. Duluth’s own Riverside Soy Candles now has a purple edition. The candles are typically colorless, but the creator says she knew she needed to honor the team. “I think it kind of brings the community together and people…