snow mounds

Snow Piles Causes Concern for Drivers in the Northland

Large snow mounds impairs drivers line of sight while on the roads.

DULUTH, Minn. – Snow mounds near intersections are reaching concerning heights and now drivers are speaking out. At almost every intersection in Duluth, snow mounds of different heights can be found. Many of them are blocking drivers’ views. Now when a driver approaches an intersection extra caution is often needed to stay safe and avoid accidents. “Its difficult to get…

West Duluth Business Owner is Happy Snow Mounds Are Now Gone

"We're here too in West Duluth."

DULUTH, Minn. – Businesses in West Duluth are finally happy the five foot snow banks hiding their store fronts are now gone after Duluth snow crews cleared them away. One local business owner has many reason to be happy the mounds are no longer there. “We’re here too in West Duluth,” said owner of West Duluth Sewing and Design Janette Dederling….

West Duluth Waits for City to Clear Snow Piles, More Snow Comes

Piles reaching 5 feet still obstruct businesses.

DULUTH, Minn.- While the weather was pretty quiet in the Northland on Monday, recent storms still left large mounds of snow in areas around the city. One place where they’re especially high is West Duluth. While the city has promised to get to those piles this week, more snow on the way could change that. Ahead of their big Winter in…