Duluth Wakes Up, Digs Out of Blizzard-Like Storm Monday

From shoveling to sledding the snow definitely brought people out and got them busy.

DULUTH, Minn.- Dozens woke up Monday to dig out of the almost one foot of snow that fell across the Twin Ports. But being the Northland, there were some enjoying it too. “Welcome to Duluth. Get a shovel. get a snowblower, you’re gonna be out here for quite a few hours that’s for sure,” said Tristan Genin. Genin’s mom decided to…

Two Harbors Residents Dig Out After First Major Snowstorm of Season

Over 12 inches fell over Saturday night and through the day Sunday along the whole North Shore.

TWO HARBORS, Minn.- After the first major snowstorm of the season dumped more than a foot of snow total along the North Shore, Two Harbors residents spent much of Sunday digging out. “Felt pretty good to get the snowblower out,” said Cameron Bugge, “just a regular day in Minnesota.” Snowblowers, shovels, and plows were around every corner. “Had to get…