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Animal Allies Drawing Attention to Shelter Through Tik Tok

Animal Allies partners with 'The Hockey Guys' for Tik Tok to promote donations and adoptions at the shelter.

DULUTH, Minn. — Animal Allies is using their social media platforms as well as new partnerships to encourage more donations for animals after the pandemic. Donations were one of the many areas impacted heavily by covid, and at the start of 2020, Nicole Facciotto, the Humane Education Manager and Communications Director at the shelter decided to start a Tik Tok…

Northland Winter Weather Outlook 2019-2020

The Northland Gears Up for Another Long Winter

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s time for the 2019-2020 Winter Weather Outlook from our Fox 21 Meteorologists! While we’re still a month away from the official start of winter, snow arrives earlier in the Northland and sticks around beyond March!  We’ve already seen big snow events this season with a “Winter Storm Warning” across the Snowbelt with more than a foot…

Police Hold Parent Summit in Virginia

Parents Recieve Tips On How To Deal With Social Media And Drugs

Virginia, Minn Parents are raising kids in uncharted territory, as social media is making it easier for kids to get access to drugs. Community leaders in Virginia are hoping to help parents raise their children by filling them on some valuable information they need to know. Drugs and social media go hand in hand, it’s easier and faster to get…