Spring Cleaning Day

Northland Springs Into Spring Cleaning

Cleaning services give tips and tricks.

DULUTH, Minn.- Even though it may not feel like it, we are less than two weeks away from Spring. That means many Northlanders have started their Spring Cleaning routines. Some even hire professional services to clean their homes and offices. Marianne’s Professional Cleaning in Duluth is one of those services. The owner says she sees her business increase around this…

Volunteers Clean-up Lake Superior Museum

The annual Spring Cleaning Day at the Lake Superior Maritime Museum brought in plenty of helping hands.

DULUTH, Minn.- Spring is in the air, on Thursday¬†the Lake Superior Maritime Museum held its annual Spring Cleaning Day. Over 20 volunteers grabbed brooms and polish, making the Visitor Center at the Maritime Museum spick-and-span. One woman we spoke with loves the museum and volunteers every year to give back. “You learn a little bit every time you come,” volunteer…