St. Louis County Public Works Department

St. Louis County Plow Drivers Gear Up for First Heavy Snowfall

"You just never know what mother nature throws at us but whatever it is we're ready for, ready for the challenge," a county plow worker said.

DULUTH, Minn.- As much of the Northland is gearing up for Tuesday’s dumping of snow, St. Louis County plow crews say they’re ready to roll out. The County’s 34-truck fleet got their plow wings Monday, the last part the trucks are outfitted with ahead of the first snow. According to District Maintenance Superintendent Gordy Halverson, all of the sand and…

St. Louis County Public Works Employees Vote to Ratify New Contract with County

Union members voted unanimously 133-0.

EVELETH, Minn.- In an unprecedented unanimous vote, the Teamsters Local 320 Union representing St. Louis County Public Works employees voted to ratify a contract agreement with the County, ending their strike which began last Wednesday. “You ratified the contract 133-0, it was unanimous,” announced Teamsters Recording Secretary Erik Skoog. That announcement was met with raucous cheers from the Union members….

Final Round of Mediation Scheduled Between Teamsters, St. Louis County

Two sides will return to negotiations next Friday.

DULUTH, Minn.- A final round of mediation has been scheduled between the Teamsters Local 320 Union representing plow operators and St. Louis County, by the state of Minnesota. According to a document from the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services, the mediation will begin next Friday January 10th at 10:00 am at the St. Louis County Courthouse in Duluth. After the…

Existing Contract Ends for St. Louis County Public Works Employees, No Word on Bargaining Yet

The two sides will continue working under the same contract until a new one is reached, or until the Union decides to strike.

DULUTH, Minn.- Tuesday is the final day of the existing contract the St. Louis County Public Works employees have with the county. According to St. Louis County Officials, they haven’t received notice of the Teamsters Local 320 Union’s intent to strike, or any interest to return to the bargaining table. Both sides will continue working under the terms of the…

St. Louis County Promoting Driving Vigilance for Work Zone Awareness Week

Drivers more at risk than construction crews, experts say.

DULUTH, Minn.- This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week. With the construction season just around the corner, St. Louis County Officials are sharing driving tips on how to make it through those construction areas. Officials ask drivers to remain extra vigilant on their normal routes, looking out for lane closures and changes due to construction. Not only for the…

St. Louis County Public Works Debuts New Anti-Icing System for Treating Roads

New system can reduce salt us by up to 40%

DULUTH, Minn. – St. Louis County now has a new anti– icing system for roads. Officials have also purchased new equipment costing around $1.2 million to help pre–treat roads. This new anti–icing system will not only relieve the stress of icy roads this winter, but St. Louis County Public Works says it’s also more environmentally friendly. Gour brand new trucks…

East Duluth Construction Concerns

Public Works Holds Meeting About Superior Street Lester Bridge Reconstruction Project

EAST DULUTH, Minn.- St. Louis County Public Works met with members of the East Duluth community, answering, or at least trying to answer, many questions raised regarding the Superior St./Lester Bridge reconstruction. The small room of the Portman Park Community Center populated with residents young and old as a vital issue had to be discussed: the reconstruction of Superior Street by…

The Northland Prepares For Looming Winter Storm

The public is advised to be careful when snow plows are on the roads.

DULUTH, Minn. – For the most part, the St. Louis County Public Works Department is ready as early as fall for handling winter storms. Whenever a storm is in the forecast crews go through all of the equipment to make sure everything is cleaned and greased. They also check the plow edges for wear and tear. “This garage, we have…