Super Moon

Black Super New Moon Coming Tonight

North America Only - Rest Of World Waits Until August 30th

NORTHLAND — A first since 2016, an astronomical event called the ‘Black Moon’ occurs tonight. What exactly is it? Well, you’ve heard of a ‘Blue Moon’ – right? It’s the second full moon within one month. And a ‘Black Moon’ is the second new moon of the month. This is something that rarely happens and is just as uncommon as a…

“Super Wolf Blood Moon” This Weekend!

Viewing Times For The Northland (Weather & Cloud Cover Permitting)

Get your telescopes ready Northland! Sky-watchers will have a front-row seat to a rare cosmic event, as three lunar phenomena come together and give rise to a ‘Super Wolf Blood Moon’ on Sunday night! So what is all of that? Let me break it down for you… Super Moon: Is when the moon is closest to Earth and appears much…