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From Boats to Bottle Rockets: Summer Businesses See Busy Memorial Day Weekend

Marinas and Firework shops see increased business from families trying to have a good time in these tough times.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Memorial Day is looking a lot different in the Northland with parades and firework shows cancelled due to the Coronavirus. So in addition to honoring fallen heroes, people flocked to more popular summer businesses in Wisconsin to get out of the house and try to do something special. “Folks are like ‘I’ve seen enough of my home, it’s…

Tips for Winterizing Your Boat

Be Sure to Take it Out of Water by Halloween

SUPERIOR, Wis.-Marina personnel at Barkers Island are re minding boaters the winter is coming and they need to get their boats in order. The manager their said the top thing boaters need to do is take their vessel out of the water by Halloween. “We like to say if you want to use your boat in the summer, somebody has…