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Legacy Toys Packed with Families for Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Day is a chance to celebrate local toy stores.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s National Neighborhood Toy Store Day, and toy stores throughout the country are celebrating with the little customers who love them so much. Legacy Toys in Miller Hill Mall celebrated with a 25% discount on any item, and other sales. They also had free arts and crafts and coloring for anyone who came in. Legacy Toys’s Store Manager…

Knowing Your Neighbors: Canal Park Toystore Brings Back Traditional Toys

Toys For Keeps in Canal Park preparing for Easter rush.

DULUTH, Minn.-┬áIn an age where many kids are glued to screens, toys can be an important tool to use their imagination and build social skills. The owner of Toys for Keeps hopes her traditional toys can help everyone feel like kids again. “This is a family friendly store,” said Cindy McCabe. “We have the grandparents and the parents and the…