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North Shore Businesses Optimistic for Strong Summer Tourism Season

From New Recreations Offerings, to Great Burgers and Brews, Two North Shore Businesses Optimistic Ahead of the Summer Season

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors venture up Minnesota’s North Shore, stopping along the way to help stimulate the various local economies in smaller communities. Two area businesses are optimistic for a better year ahead, as the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully reaches a more controllable level. “It’s probably one of the most beautiful places. You can…

North Shore Businesses Reopen, Hopeful for Additional Snowfall

During Winter, Businesses Along the North Shore Rely Heavily on Traffic Brought in by Snow Conditions

BEAVER BAY, Minn. – Businesses along the North Shore are breathing a sigh of relief after months of being shut down. However, many owners now have to deal with another obstacle – a lack of snow this winter. “We opened in August anticipating that things were going to get better, and then we got a rude surprise in November, and…