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Korean War Vet's Remains Returned to Superior for Burial

Superior, WI- After 67 years missing, the remains of Korean War veteran Rufus Ketchum of Superior are finally back home, before officially being laid to rest. On Sunday the Blatnik Bridge carried more than just the cars riding between Duluth and Superior, it carried a fallen war hero home. The remains of Sergeant Rufus Lloyd Ketchum rode the bridge home for the…

UN Agency Calls for all Countries to rid Foods of Trans fat

The WHO Wants all Nations to rid Trans-fat in Next 5 Years

NEW YORK (AP) — The World Health Organization is calling on all nations to rid foods of artificial trans fats in the next five years. The United Nations agency has in the past pushed to exterminate infectious diseases, but now it’s aiming to erase a hazard linked to chronic illness. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was expected to issue the…