Unseasonable Warmth

Lake Superior Nearly Ice-Free this Warm Winter

Ice coverage at less than 5% as temps are higher than normal.

DULUTH, Minn.- This winter’s unseasonably warm temperatures have left Lake Superior almost entirely without ice. According to experts at the National Weather Service, less than 5% of the lake is covered so far, while at this time last year 40% of the lake was covered. While less ice may make the water seem warmer, experts said that it’s still icy…

Heatwave Brings People Out to Canal Park

Unseasonable warmth attracts families to Lakewalk in Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.- Temperatures in the Twin Ports reached unseasonably warm highs Sunday, with Duluth heating up to 39 degrees. And people wasted no time getting outside. In Canal Park, the lakewalk by the Lighthouse was crawling with people enjoying the views, taking pictures, or climbing the icy rocks. Many families were out, using this unique warmth as a chance to…

Unseasonable Warmth Brings Duluth Outside

High Temps Mean Comfortable Outdoor Fun

DULUTH, Minn.- Despite how the song goes, it’s beginning to look anything but like a White Christmas. Unseasonably warm weather is gripping the Northland, with temperatures reaching nearly 50  degrees today. Quite a few spots around Duluth were bustling with folks living it up in the hot winter sun. If you took a look at the thermometer in your car,…

Thursday September 13, 2018: Morning Forecast

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