Updawg Food Truck Gets New Kitchen Space inside Average Joe’s in Superior

The owners said they plan to open their kitchen in Average Joes this coming Wednesda

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Two young businessmen started a food truck in Duluth last year putting unique spins on the classic hot dog. Now their wiener business found its own bun inside an existing Superior business — opening soon. Updawg is now set up over at Average Joe’s in Superior. The wiener duo started their food truck serving unique hot dogs last…

Knowing Your Neighbors: UpDawg Switching Up the Traditional Hotdog

Owners welcome creativity and unique flavors when customers craft their hotdogs. 

DULUTH, Minn.- A new food truck in the Twin Ports is pushing the boundaries of what goes on the hotdog.  “Hotdogs are fun. You can just put anything on a hotdog,” said Cory Netland. “We just have a book full of recipes and ideas.”  So, what’s UpDawg?  It’s the newest food truck in the Twin Ports launched by Netland and…