US Steel

Steelworkers Rally for Fair Raises

After Not Getting a Raise in Over Three Years, United Steelworkers Union Had Enough

VIRGINIA, Minn.-¬†Chants rang out filled with passion, and even anger. Members of the United Steel Workers union Local 1938 gathered in Virginia to protest what they feel is an insulting and unfair contract offer. “The CEOs shouldn’t live a life of luxury while the middle class worker struggles to eat and pay his bills,” said Steelworker Richard Poskarbiewicz. The proposed…

$75 Million to Clean Up St. Louis River

EPA and U.S. Steel Decide to Devote Funds and Time to Clearing Sediment

DULUTH,Minn.-¬†Next year a $75 million cleanup project will begin at U.S. Steel’s former Duluth site on the St. Louis river. The EPA and U.S. steel made that announcement today as they reached an agreement on cleaning up and restoring the Spirit Lake site near the Morgan Park neighborhood. U.S. Steel is planning to pay 55 percent of the cost, while…

Morgan Park Church Stands Tall for 100 Years

Northland Uncovered: United Protestant Church

DULUTH, Minn. – A community in Duluth was created by US Steel more than 100 years ago. Morgan Park residents feel a strong sense of community there. One Duluth man, Chet Johnson, has enjoyed his time in the neighborhood so much, he’s been attending the same church for 80 years. That church is United Protestant Church and it was built…