Minnesota Dept. of Health Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard

The website shows more than 144,000 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine as of Saturday, and more than 7,000 who already got the second dose.

MINNESOTA- The Minnesota Department of Health has launched an online dashboard, to stay up to date on the state’s vaccination rollout. The website shows more than 144,000 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine as of Saturday, and more than 7,000 who already got the second dose. It will be updated daily. “It provides Minnesotans with confidence…

Free COVID-19 Testing Event Happening at Grand Rapids High School

The Event Takes Place as Cases of COVID-19 Have Decreased in Itasca County Throughout December

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – The first COVID-19 briefing of 2021 comes with uplifting news from Itasca County. The county’s public health officials are reporting a steady decrease in cases throughout December. Over the past seven days, 53 new cases have been identified in the county. Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 2,751 residents have tested positive, and…

Gov. Evers, Health Officials Ask for Patience During Wisconsin Vaccine Distribution

Health officials said the demand is going to exceed the supply for a while.

MADISON, Wis.- The Wisconsin Governor and health leaders addressed obstacles and delays in the state’s vaccine distribution Tuesday. So far 85,609 vaccines have been administered and as of Monday 266,675 doses had been shipped to Wisconsin. According to health officials, the demand is going to exceed the supply for a while. Gov. Tony Evers emphasized that focus should not divert…

Silver Bay Veterans Home to Administer Covid-19 Vaccine to Residents and Staff

The Minnesota Veterans Homes are using the Moderna vaccine. 

SILVER BAY, Minn. – On Wednesday, the Minnesota Veterans Home in Silver Bay will begin to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to Residents and staff. The Minnesota Veterans Homes are using the Moderna vaccine. The vaccine is being administered by clinical leaders at each location. Other veterans homes across the state will begin their vaccinations this week. The vaccinations come after…

Gov Walz: ‘The end of COVID is out there’ with Vaccine Rollout Likely Next Week

If approved, the state would receive 46,800 shots from Pfizer by next week.

ST. PAUL, Minn.- Minnesota Governor Tim Walz unveiled the state’s plan for getting Minnesotans vaccinated against coronavirus, some as soon as the coming weeks. “This day is real, it’s happening, it is really here. In Minnesota, we’re prepared for it,” said the Governor in a press conference Tuesday. “We are on the doorstep of starting this.” According to the Minnesota…

Gov. Evers Asks Wisconsin for Caution Over Holidays As COVID-19 Surge Continues

Wisconsin is getting close to having 420,000 total cases since March with 3,800 deaths.

MADISON, Wis.- Wisconsin will get 50,000 vaccines to start once it’s approved and will first go to long-term care facility residents and healthcare workers. Governor Evers said in a virtual briefing Tuesday that even through the United States is closer to approving the vaccine, there’s no backing away from all the precautions we still need to take to keep ourselves,…

Wisconsin Health Officials Discuss How COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Distributed

WI DHS stressed the safety of the vaccines, and how long they still have to go before reaching the public.

MADISON, Wis.- In Wisconsin Monday, health experts held a news conference answering COVID-19 vaccine questions. They say of the two vaccines awaiting FDA approval, Pfizer’s would require cold storage at -70°C±10°C for up to 10 days unopened in the state’s Healthcare Emergency Response Coalition (HERC) regions before going to clinics. Moderna’s, which does not require cold storage, would go directly to…

Caution Again Advised for Christmas; Vaccine on Horizon for Public in 2021 Gov. Walz Says

After a surge in cases over Thanksgiving, the Governor said guidance will likely remain for Christmas, and public access to the vaccine in 2021.

ST. PAUL, Minn.- Governor Tim Walz and State Health leaders spoke out in a COVID-19 briefing Monday after a Thanksgiving weekend like no other. They stressed continued mitigation efforts by Minnesotans, with the horizon of a vaccine in the distance — in 2021. “Minnesotans did a pretty good job staying home, but there’s some data on movement especially the airport…

Health Officials Stress Importance of Influenza Vaccine as Flu Season Looms Ahead

The CDC says they have developed a test that will check for seasonal flu viruses, and the virus that causes COVID-19. 

DULUTH, Minn.- While the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most prominent public health concern since march, each winter brings a new flu season. Which is why officials are urging people to get vaccinated. “Now is the time to get it,” stressed Diane Seiloff, Adult Services Coordinator for St. Louis County Public Health. Generally, flu symptoms include a fever, cough, sore…

UMD Professor Stresses Importance of Long Clinical Trials for Any Potential COVID-19 Drugs

Without long trials before testing on humans, severe harm can arise.

DULUTH, Minn.- With discussions around the country about a potential vaccine or drug being developed to treat COVID-19, local experts are speaking out about the reality of treating the virus so soon. While President Trump has touched on different drugs that scientists have said might be helpful in fighting Coronavirus, UMD Applied Human Sciences Professor Jessica Hanson said testing them…

New Shingles Vaccine Available

Medical professionals say you should receive the shingles vaccine whether you remember having chicken pox or not.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s a common disease in elderly adults, medical professionals warn, shingles can be painful and cause many side effects. But now a new vaccine is on the market. The new shingles vaccine Shingrix is %90 effective. Medical professionals recommend it for anyone over 50. The vaccine is given in two doses, then lasts for a lifetime. Studies show by…

Could Your Dog Get the Flu?

Dr. Justin Dahl with Happy Tails Animal Hospital Explains How You Can Prevent Your Pet from Canine Influenza

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – Every year it’s estimated nearly 80 percent of dogs are exposed to canine influenza will develop the disease. However, local veterinarians say it can be less deadly than the human flu, with a mortality rate of less than ten percent. After all, it seems like every day we hear of more people being diagnosed with the flu….

New Essentia Health Employee Policy Sparks Controversy

New controversy sparks between Essentia Health and USW.

DULUTH, Minn.- Some controversy is swirly between Essentia Health and the United Steel Workers Union after the company announced, they’re requiring all employees to receive the flu vaccine. The new policy was put in place back in September. Essentia said the policy benefits patients, but the union is hoping for a different solution. “It’s a one size fits all,” USW Local…