Veteran Suicide

Nearly Naked Ruck March To Raise Funds For Struggling Veterans

Everyday 22 Veterans Take Their Lives, 23 Veteran Reconditioning Program Can Help

DULUTH, Minn. — Everyday 22 veterans take their lives, struggling from PTSD, trauma, depression and having trouble adjusting and finding their purpose back in civilian life. The 23 Veteran started here in Duluth 4 years ago by Mike Waldron. The non-profit 23 Veteran is a reconditioning program designed to help veterans struggling, live happier and healthier lives. You can help…

Carry the Fallen March in Wisconsin

Hundreds March to Stop Veterans Suicide

HAYWARD, Wis. – Northland Veterans and citizens marchedĀ as part of a nationwide event on Saturday. Nearly 100 people put one foot in front of the other to “Carry the Fallen”. They marched over 8 miles from downtown Hayward to the LCO Reservation. Officers blocked the roads as they walked to raise awareness and funds to help end Veterans suicide. “It’s…